Intention Setting for your Business

Handwritten quote Be mindful of intention. Intention is the seed that creates our future, as inspirational concept image

Be mindful of intention. Intention is the seed that creates our future.

What are your intentions?

A well-oiled business is something to strive for, but not to quit once you’ve gotten it down. Have you ever had a huge boost in business and thought that you can take a break from lead generation because your business is actually bringing you enough income?

As business owners we tend to go through our daily activities and easily forget to be intentional about bringing in new business. We can get out of touch with setting our intentions to continue to bring in future business.

Here are some ideas to stay intentional with your message and continue adding leads in your pipeline (even if you don’t need them):

  1. What type of wording can we use to make sure we are clear about our intention when communicating with others?
  2. When we are networking and meet someone new, how we interact and build rapport can make a huge difference in the relationship and future ROI of that event or conversation. One way to do this is to spark interesting conversation or share valuable insight. Give someone advice or really try to give them feedback, and, in return, they will also allow you to share your business.
  3. Make memorable small talk and then execute strong follow up. Statistics show only 8% of sales teams actually follow up!

Do you feel like any of these can be incorporated into your day to day daily duties?

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