Social Checklist ✔️??

Hello Hello!

Thanks for taking a moment out of your busy day to expand your knowledge on the power of social media. I want to encourage you with your social media marketing habits and ensure confidence as you expand your brand.

Here are a few things to help you get started on your social media checklist:

Tip #1: Make sure all your social media information and ways to access you are consistent on all platforms. Your handles and bios should be the same (or very similar) on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. This consistency will help provide confidence in your brand and will also help you stay top-of-mind to your fans.

Tip#2: You do not have to be on ALL the social platforms. If you spread yourself to thin you will not be able to handle the brand across the board (unless you have a team of people working on your behalf). Master one platform and then add a second platform when you feel confident and can commit. With over 1 billion active daily on Facebook, that’s a great platform to start with.

Tip #3: Profile picture!! This is the most simple step: make sure your picture features just you, is professional and in a quality resolution. This is your first impression and should be well thought-out. Make sure your profile picture is a representation of who you are.

You also need a cover photo (especially on Facebook both personal profile and business page profiles) Switch it up every 4-6 months. That is precious real estate that can enhance a profile tremendously.

Hope this helps! You can review my Facebook live broadcast where I explore these tips in detail HERE.


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